Linda Dobson & Associates

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logoCharles Buchwald & Friends has completed a new website for Linda Dobson and Associates.

Linda Dobson and Associates provides results-based coaching, consulting and training.

“With over 20 years experience partnering with profit and nonprofit organizations, Linda is an accomplished organizational consultant, dispute resolution specialist and one of just 3% of the 24,000 members of the International Coach Federation to achieve the credential of Master Certified Coach.”

The site features a clean, modern, responsive design. Driven by WordPress, it’s easy and quick to maintain, and well positioned to grow with the company. Original photography is used with great impact. Check it out!

New Release: lcLipsum Plugin for LiveCode

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lcLipsumNow available for free download is my latest LiveCode plugin: lcLipsum. It’s a Lorem Ipsum generator and tool for LiveCode users and developers. It provides text to use when mocking up layouts.

What’s Lorem Ipsum? It’s the “fake Latin” that you see in mockups and preliminary layouts. (Actually, it’s not so fake. It’s an excerpt of a work by Cicero, sometimes rearranged a bit to look neater and cleaner.) Since it’s real text that is non-sense to most of us, Latin scholars excluded, it provides the appearance of “real” text without the distraction of actual meaning or content.

My tool is a little bit more sophisticated than most. It allows you to select the amount of text by characters, words, sentences, or paragraphs. It will also put an extra blank line between paragraphs if you prefer, and a few other things. Check it out!

lcResTool & lcMover in REVUp Newsletter

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revup lcResTool and lcMover were mentioned in the most recent issue of the REVUp newsletter from Runtime Revolution. It’s nice to see the word getting around about these tools, and the sense of community around LiveCode.

It says,

I’m always happy when I discover a new resource for the LiveCode Community. Today I came across Charles Buchwald and Friends website. Two handy LC tools are on offer here, LcResTool and LcMover.

Read the rest… or just check out the FREE tools for developers here.

WordPress Backup: BackWPup


BackWPup Several of my clients have been concerned about WordPress site backups lately. We’ve tried a number of different approaches over the years. Lately I’ve come to like the BackWPup WordPress plugin.

The key features, in my book, are:

  • It’s free and open source.
  • …but there’s a Pro upgrade available if your site really grows or your needs change.
  • It runs automatically.
  • It can back up to Dropbox.

The Dropbox backup is really the key feature as far as I’m concerned. It means that your site is backed up to a secure server (not your laptop), separate from the host machine. If the unthinkable happens, and the hosting machine goes down, or the whole hosting facility for that matter, then your site data is safe at another location.

Also, since it’s Dropbox, you are not using file storage space on your hosting account, and can likely keep several more archived versions of your site, in case you really need to go back in time.

Have you backed up lately? Check it out!

African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies

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LogoGlad to be able to help out the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies. I consulted with them on some WordPress technical issues.

Their mission statement: “ACJPS is dedicated to creating a Sudan committed to all human rights, the rule of law and peace, in which the rights and freedoms of the individual are honored and where all persons and groups are granted their rights to non-discrimination, equality and justice.”

Keep up the good work, guys! Check them out.

The Goethe Institute


facebook logo Having a great time working on bespoke software for the Geothe Institut Mexiko. It’s fun to see an international organization promoting language and the arts in creative and innovative ways.

If you are in Mexico City, be sure to check out their headquarters in Colonia Roma. And they are online here.

Stay tuned for some other exciting announcements related to these developments!

New Updates: lcMover and lcResTool, Plugins for LiveCode

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lcResTool UI

Updated UI

My free plugin utilities for LiveCode developers, lcMover and lcResTool have been updated to versions 1.2 and 1.4 respectively. There are bug fixes and new features for dealing with the new scaleFactor property, as well as a few tweaks and some fine tuning. There is also new reference data in lcResTool about the scaleFactor and density of a number of common mobile devices.

As always, these are free to download and use! And of course LiveCode Community is free and open source now, so everyone has a chance to try this great development environment. Check it out!

Lourdes Valdes: Art Online

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Lourdes Valdes Miami artist Lourdes Valdes has a new site, courtesy of Charles Buchwald & Friends.

This WordPress based site has an extremely clean design to keep the emphasis on Ms. Valdes paintings and let the rest of the layout disappear. Unlike the Flash based site it replaces, the design is responsive, to be easily viewable on a wide variety of devices, from desktop browsers to tablets and smartphones. Administrative features make it particularly easy to edit and add new galleries as Ms. Valdes’ ouevre grows and expands. Content caching, compression, and other behind-the-scenes features ensure that content is served quickly and efficiently. A simple contact form provides an easy, safe contact point for visitors.

Check out the new site, and watch for more beautiful design work from us coming soon.

Bensire Rolls Out New Site

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bensire.comBensire Carpets has been working with Charles Buchwald & Friends for the last year, and the results are finally live:

This WordPress based site incorporates a number of interesting and unique features, a carefully crafted custom theme, and a colorful collection of historic and new photos.

Watch for more great photos and other content as the site evolves. And be sure to check out Bensire’s amazing handmade rugs in Mexico and Australia.

LiveCode Going Open Source


My favourite development tool is going opensource… or trying to do so. The development team has posted the whole initiative on Kickstarter, and it looks to be gaining momentum. If you are at all interested in great tools, please consider a small donation.

In fact, if you are interested in science or math education, that’s a great reason to support this effort, too. LiveCode is a wonderful educational tool, and gaining ground in secondary schools around the world. Going to an opensource model would increase schools’ access to this tool immensely.

Check out the campaign:

Open Source Edition of LiveCode -- Kicktraq Mini

lcResTool and lcMover LiveCode Plugins Released

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If you are using the LiveCode development environment, check out the plugins we’ve developed: lcResTool and lcMover.

lcResTool helps you size your windows to a variety of common mobile device sizes. There are options for orientation, e.g. landscape vs. portrait, and automatically subtracting the height of the status bar for several devices. In addition there is a guide to device resolution standards, in case you’ve ever wondered about the difference between XGA, SXGA and UXGA, for example. And there’s a chart of the resolution and pixel density for a many common mobile devices.

lcMover is a tiny little palette for moving the top most window around. It’s handy to use with lcResTool, but also useful any time you are resizing windows via script.

Both are free. We’d love to hear your feedback.

New Interactives for Museo La Tallera Siqueiros

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CB&F has just completed a project in consultation with Museografica SC, to produce iOS based computer interactives for the Museo La Tallera Siqueiros in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The interactives have been deployed on Apple iPads running iOS. They help make available a large library of images and documents on the life of David Alfaro Siqueiros. The interactives are part of a new temporary exhibit at the museum in Cuernavaca housed in Siqueiros’ former workshop. They represent CB&F’s first multimedia work solely in the Spanish language, and our first museum interactives deployed on iOS.

iOS and iPads enabled the use of comparatively inexpensive hardware, with an interface and controls increasingly familiar to the museum going public. Content and programming were completed on a very short schedule. Plans are underway to debut a version of the interactive in the Apple iTunes App Store. Look for photos of the exhibit here, later this month.

Sunshine State of Mind

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Charles Buchwald & Friends is happy to announce the start of consulting to a south Florida company to provide programming services in support of a new software initiative. We’ve got to keep most of it under wraps for now, but check back for news as we rocket our way into new territory!

Weaving a New Web for Bensire

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photo: C. Buchwald

Bensire, importer, retailer and restorer of some of the world’s finest handmade rugs and carpets, has retained Charles Buchwald & Friends to produce a new web site. The new site will highlight the company’s work, including the amazing rugs and carpets that they design and produce, and the impeccable service they provide around the world.

The new site will incorporate “responsive” design, for the best possible viewing experience on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. A modern CMS will enable easy maintenance and future growth, and provide access-restricted spaces for secure client communications. Links to social media will help facilitate other client connections. A unique and professionally designed look and feel will enhance and extend the Bensire brand.

The site launches later this year. Check back for announcements and updates.

Fast Pants Mobile Apps: Now with Faster Pants

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Fast Pants Mobile Apps of Sydney, Australia has teamed up with Charles Buchwald & Friends to produce a family of original software products for the consumer and vertical markets in the US. Products are in development for deployment on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows operating systems.

CB&F uses an innovative code base and development tools to streamline cross-platform development. Look for the debut products later this year. with more to follow.

Fernando X: Adios Berlin, Hola CB&F

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Fernando X and multi-Emmy-award-winning producer Pablo Munguia are consulting with Charles Buchwald & Friends on a new website and music video to promote Fernando X’s latest album, Adios Berlin.

The music video is part of continuing collaboration with Silvana Agostoni Photography. CB&F is responsible for technical aspects of the shoot including custom camera software, remote control for time-lapse sequences, editing and post processing.

The web site will be a CMS based site promoting the Fernando X brand, highlighting the new music video (and an anticipated second video), and positioning the brand for future growth and expansion.

Green Power!

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Charles Buchwald and Friends is consulting on software development, corporate identity programme, and a marketing campaign for a new “green power” initiative in Veracruz, Mexico and Mexico City, DF. This exciting new initiative is anticipated to debut this fall. Watch here for more, as the project progresses.

International Refugee Rights Initiative

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The International Refugee Rights Initiative has contracted Charles Buchwald & Friends to develop and deploy a significant new document database for their New York City office. This is only the most recent NGO project for CB&F.

The Joomla CMS forms the front end for this subsection of their site, with a custom MySQL database in the backend.

As part of CB&F’s continuing programme of donating hosting to charities, non-profits and community groups, CB&F will donate hosting services to the IRRI.

Public access to the new database begins this fall.

The Museum of Mayan Culture, Chetumal

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Charles Buchwald & Friends are honoured to have been part of the recent renovation and reinvigoration of The Museum of Mayan Culture in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Consulting to Mexico’s premiere museum and exhibit design firm Museografica SC, CB&F programmed 3 computer interactive displays replacing older mechanical interactives, and consulted on the development of a number of videos and a 10 meter video wall.

The new interactives help explain the history, math, and hieroglyphics of the Mayans in a fun, entertaining and educational way. 60 inch touch screens provide a dramatic and accessible interface which coordinates with updated exhibits. Components include calculators to convert arabic numbers to and from the Mayan (semi) vigesimal system, a interactive guide to Maya hieroglyphics and a related memory game, as well as original content developed exclusively for the new displays with the latest Mayan research from UNAM.

iOS and Android versions of the interactives are planned.

Museografica SC has developed many of the most important curatorial spaces in Latin America over a celebrated 30 year career. They developed the original Museum of Mayan Culture, and continue with a number of important new initiatives, including the award-winning, recently completed Museum of the Revolution at the center of Mexico City. CB&F is consulting with Museografica SC on an ongoing basis.

Wooster Magazine: The Adventurers

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The summer 2012 issue of Wooster Magazine has a article entitled “The Adventurers”, about alumni with a ken for thrills. Page 20 highlights my experience with the development of hangboarding. Check it out here.

By the way, if you are interested in the hangboard technology, it’s currently available for licensing, and the team would love to hear from you. Contact me if you are interested, or know someone who might be.

… or if you are only interested in just the article, here it is: Read more

Award Winning Firm Museografica Goes Live with CB&F

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Multi-award winning museum and exhibit design firm Museografica has gone live with Charles Buchwald & Friends. The new site is the product of extensive collaboration between the renowned company and CB&F. It highlights 20 of Museografica’s 40 museum projects from around the world, with an extensive projects section, a brief history of the firm, profiles of key personnel and more.

Built from scratch as a custom WordPress template, the site was inspired by a European architecture firm’s Flash based site, but uses HTML5, CSS3 and other modern, responsive, SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly code instead. Basing it on WordPress gives the company the ability to update and add new features much more easily.

Museografica staff came to CB&F with the layout and artistic direction, and CB&F contributed the tech know-how and hosting. An English language version and other content are in the works. Some of the images were even taken by CB&F’s sister company, Photo 42. New photos of the museum in Cozumel are planned.

Look forward to more great work from Museografica and CB&F coming soon!

Emmy Winner Pablo Munguia Works with CB&F

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Grammy Emmy award winning producer, mixer and audio engineer Pablo Munguia’s web site has been converted and updated by Charles Buchwald & Friends. Fresh from work on Superbowl XLVI and the 2012 Grammy Awards, Pablo is now headed to the 84th Academy Awards at the end of the month.

This updated included converting a legacy Flash based site to a thoroughly modern Content Management System (CMS). WordPress was selected as the most flexible and reliable solution, and implemented while preserving the look and feel of the former programming. A new system was added for easily managing customer testimonials and news articles, while new audio, video and slideshow players present content in a searchable, scalable, easy-to-manage way. Read more

Hosting Clients: Thanks!

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CB&F recently updated our web hosting account system. Thanks to all our hosting clients who have subscribed to the new system—we appreciate you taking the time and trouble now, to make it easier, faster and more efficient for all of us in the future.

And thanks for making it possible for CB&F to sponsor local, national and international charities including:

I encourage you to check out the organizations listed above, and your local, national, and international charities. I believe we that education, the arts, and advocacy groups can have a very positive impact on our daily lives and our world. Get involved, meet your neighbours, and help make the world a better place!

iPhone 5 Design Leaked

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Just couldn’t resist this one…

For what it’s worth, I predict that within 10 years or less, the handheld computer will be the de facto standard. I’ve seen 1 TB USB drives coming out this year, and Moore’s Law says that smartphones will be 1000 times more powerful than they are now in 10 years. So I think that in 2022, when you get to your office, you’ll plug your phone into a monitor and a keyboard… or it will connect wirelessly. And when you’re done, you’ll just take it with you. That’s my two cents, or 2 pesos, as the case may be.

Image courtesy of


Hosting ON SALE until Feb 1

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Charles Buchwald & Friends is offering a special on our web hosting.

The super low price of $60/year (or $9/month) comes with our outstanding personal support, as well as:

  • cPanel, for easy control of all your features
  • 6GB of storage
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited parked domains
  • unlimited email addresses
  • green power (wind power!)
  • fast, redundant servers
  • automatic weekly backup
  • discount on web services

Are you an existing CB&F customer? Subscribe now and save on your current yearly hosting plan.

This special offer ends February 1, 2012.

The sale has ended! Thanks to all my hosting customers who took advantage of the sale!

Registered iOS Developer

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Just in case you were wondering, Charles Buchwald & Friends is an officially Registered iOS Developer, a member of the Apple Developer Program, the iOS Developer Program, and a full member of Runtime Revolution’s LiveCode Developer Program.

CB&F is currently developing iOS apps for commercial distribution, and has just published Easy Rider, the first and only crowdsourced transit information app, currently for Vancouver’s Translink Skytrain system.

In the past, CB&F staff have been involved in several significant software development projects with clients including Fortune 500 companies as well as public and private companies in the USA and Canada.

Do you have an idea for an app? Contact CB&F today, and we’ll give you an honest appraisal of your idea’s chances for success in the Apple iTunes App Store, the Android Marketplace, and/or the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Low-cost Marketing Tips

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A new member of one of my mailing lists recently asked the question, “How do I generate more leads for my small business?” Here’s my answer…

Here are some strategies I’ve used successfully:

  1. Do great work; in almost 20 years of freelancing, most of my clients have come to me by “word of mouse”. Repeat clients are always more efficient than landing new ones.
  2. Try pro bono work. Track your hours and submit an invoice showing the value of your donated services. Even if you can’t write it off, you’ll spread the word, and get a good feeling. I donate hosting to community groups, and they often hire me for some strategy or training or simple site setup.
  3. Blog; John Chow, the Vancouver blogger, makes $40k/month just from his blog, and is in demand as a speaker, writer and consultant.
  4. Learn to use LinkedIn to it’s fullest. There’s lots of hidden value lurking there. Seek out the most influential connections.
  5. In Victoria, track the government contracts. (It’s a government town, after all.) It’s hard to get in, but once you’re in the loop, I’m told it’s easier to stay there.
  6. Partner with established agencies; you don’t make the same rates, since they take their cut, but they can get you in where other methods fail.
  7. Concentrate on your niche. It’s counterintuitive for most small operators, but essential.
  8. Be patient. Closing times for new sales are about 1 month per $1k in my experience, and longer the smaller the market.
  9. Ask for testimonials, recommendations, referrals, leads… and more importantly try to provide value to your contacts by providing tips, leads, testimonials, and networking introductions.

Note that none of these cost anything but time and effort, and are applicable to businesses of all sizes. Do you have tips or strategies of your own? Share them in the comments below!

LifeLong EnerJoy! with CB&F

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Tina Huang, PhD, has been working with Charles Buchwald & Friends to develop a business identity and an online presence. Her new website went live on Tuesday. Featuring a fresh, lively design as befits the content and message, it features a custom logo by CB&F as well as many other custom elements.

Check it out at, leave a comment here, or contact us to get started on designing or updating your functional, beautiful, friendly site.

Change Talk Associates Live with CB&F

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Change Talk Associates, a Vancouver based consultancy that works with individuals, groups and organizations across Canada who support others in making health and related changes, has gone live with a new website, thanks to CB&F. The new site debuted just a few days ago.

A careful collaborative process has produced a refined and elegant aesthetic for the new site, reflecting the professionalism and sensitivity of founders Cristine Urquhart, MSW, RSW and Frances Jasiura, BPHE, BSW. Highlighting news, resources and events, the site is poised to become a portal into the many facets of this vibrant business.

Check out the custom logo, site structure, and custom coding at

And watch for a new software initiative from Charles Buchwald & Friends in the New Year focused on coaches, facilitators, therapists and other helping professionals….

$1M Hidden in Your Smartphone or Tablet

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Forgotten Treasures, Ltd. has retained Charles Buchwald & Friends to adapt their The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt books for use on smartphones and tablets. Ebooks are first up, targeted to debut before the end of the year. Following soon afterwards, smartphone and tablet app versions will supply new and exciting ways to participate in this amazing race to $1 million.

The world’s greatest treasure hunt is a real million dollar treasure hunt. One hundred percent of the net proceeds go to breast cancer research… Read more

Private Data in Canada & BC: Are you up to date?

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Please be aware, that if you collect information from your site visitors, that the way you store that information may be covered by Canada and BC data privacy laws and regulations. Check for more information. If you have questions or concerns, please check with your site developer, mailing list management service, and/or your lawyer.

Change Talk Associates Grows with CB&F

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Change Talk Associates, a Vancouver based consultancy has retained Charles Buchwald & Friends to help them grow and expand. Focusing on brand building and a new website, the company ID will be refreshed, and a modern, CMS-based website will position them for a significant expansion of their online presence.

Stay tuned for more!

App Stats from Mobile Entertainment

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According to Mobile Entertainment:

  • The average paid iPhone app has sold 101,024 copies over a lifetime of 261 days
  • US iPhone users download 60 apps a year
  • 51% of iPhone owners have five or more games installed on their devices says Compete
  • 37% of iPhone owners play games at least every day – puzzle games are most popular

Smartphone Users: Well-heeled

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BloomWorlds BloomBlog reports that the average smartphone user is considerably wealthier than the average adult. Smartphone users have an average household income of $66,000. In contrast, the average household income is $44,000, meaning smartphone users are on average 50% wealthier than the general population. Smartphone users are more than 2 times as likely as the average mobile subscriber to make more than $100,000/year.

Xyologic Offers App Insights

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A variety of global app download reports are available here: Xyologic also provides estimates of downloads for individual apps, including per country, per platform, and other useful info.

It’s particularly interesting to multiply downloads times price less Apple’s 30 percent commission to estimate total gross revenue for individual apps. Other interesting data points:

  • downloads per country
  • downloads per platform (where apps are distributed on different platforms)
  • total and average ratings
  • number of apps per publisher (giving insight into the power of app networks as a promotional tool)
  • growth over the last month reporting (giving a sense of the life of an app)

Note that Xyologic is tracking a subset of all apps for now, but has been expanding.

Freemium Revenue Model on the Rise in App Store

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iOS app developers who are looking to make big bucks on the App Store should consider using the in-app purchase model, according to a recently published study from Distimo. In-app purchases are a huge source of revenue, accounting for a whopping 72 percent of all App Store revenues.

That number has increased drastically from July of 2010, when only 28 percent of App Store revenues came from in-app purchases. What’s even more surprising is that only four percent of all apps are currently using the in-app purchase model.

This all points to a trend of freemium apps dominating the App Store. These, of course, are apps that are free to download and try out, but require an in-app purchase to supply full functionality. Freemium apps made up the majority of the revenue — 48 percent, or nearly half of all App Store earnings. Many of these apps are games, but comic apps are also starting to create an impact.

Distmo via TUAW

Smartphone Sales Surpass PC Sales

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Smartphone sales have surpassed PC sales, worldwide. According to PC Magazine, “vendors shipped 100.9 million smartphones during the fourth quarter, according to Monday data, while IDC logged 92.1 million PC shipments during the same time period, according to IDC numbers from January.

Android is expected to consolidate the dominance they set in the market at the end of 2010, growing their current 23% market share to an authoritative 49% in 2015. “As vendors delivering Android-based devices continue to fight for market share, price will decrease to further benefit consumers” said Roberta Cozza, principal analyst at Gartner.  “Android’s position at the high end of the market will remain strong, but its greatest volume opportunity in the longer term will be in the mid- to low-cost smartphones, above all in emerging markets.

Meanwhile iOS are expected to remain the second biggest platform worldwide through 2014. (Gartner)

via PC Magazine

Smartphone Use Exploding

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Worldwide sales of smart phones are expected to reach a staggering 1.1BN in 2015, according to a recent report by Gartner. As early as the end of 2011 it is expected that smartphone sales will be 468 Million units, a 57.7% increase on last year.  This growth should continue over the medium term culminating in 1.1 billion units expected to be sold in 2015.

Business Insider says global app downloads for year-end 2011 are expected to balloon to 29 billion, compared to only nine billion in 2010. Such stellar increases are largely due to the proliferation of smartphones around the world. The total smartphone install base is expected to grow 46% in 2011.

1 in 10 Americans Owns an iPhone

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… Of the 234 million Americans age 13 and older, 10.2 percent owned an iPhone during the third quarter, earning Apple the #4 ranking among the nation’s top device manufacturers. It’s the first time the iPhone zoomed past the ten percent milestone in comScore metrics.

Apple between the June and September quarter grew its share by 1.3 percentage points. The achievement is that much more notable because it excludes strong iPhone 4S sales as that handset launched mid-October. In fact, everybody but Apple lost market share, with the exception of Samsung which held on to its 25.3 percent share of U.S. mobile subscribers.

… When you consider smartphones only, Apple and Google put together controlled three-quarters of the nation’s mobile platform market share. Talk about the iOS-Android duopoly.


Another CB&F Community Group Site

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The Viva Voce! community choir has recently completed an upgrade of their site with Charles Buchwald & Friends.

A combination of professional and pro bono work has resulted in the upgrade of the community group’s site from a site to one with hosting donated by CB&F. By privately hosting the site, it’s been able to incorporate a number of advanced features to better serve the choir membership.

Read more

Jane Sanders, Architect

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New York Architect Jane Sanders has contracted Charles Buchwald & Friends to build a portfolio site for her independent architectural office. CB&F have developed a WordPress-based site incorporating layout design by Ms. Sanders. The site is scheduled to debut soon.

Created expediently, on a short deadline, the site allows for excellent SEO positioning, easy updates, standards-compliant code and content (for excellent accessibility), and future-proof updates of the CMS engine, extensions, and theme.

UPDATE: the site has gone live, and it’s a good one, if I do say so myself. Check it out.

NCS Website Design & Development

CB&F has recently completed work with the National CCSVI Society on a website renovation. Working since the spring, the focus has been on a clean, up-to-date look-and-feel, clear structure and navigation, and easy maintenance by Society staff.

An extensive development process saw several prototype, custom themes produced; a wireframe version of the site for developing content; and numerous extensions tried and tested.

Read more

EuroTrim™ iOS App by CB&F

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Charles Buchwald & Friends is working with EuroTrim™ and GA Industries to bring their Trim Kit Finder to the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices… with a smooth, simple, touch interface making it even quicker and easier to find just the right EuroTrim™ model.

Along with the iOS app comes refinements to the branding of their premier product line, EuroTrim™, an improved website to bring this brand to the web, with an innovative, interactive Web 2.0 interface to simplify the complex product selection process.

These initiatives are increasing exposure in the target market and reducing the need for valuable staff involvement in the sales process.

CB&F’s work for EuroTrim™ and GA Industries includes iOS software development, web site design and development, packaging design, logo development and marketing strategy.


Sunspring Shines with Charles Buchwald & Friends

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Sunspring Estates has contracted with CB&F to develop a custom iPad app. Currently under development, the bespoke app will offer support to the sales staff. An intuitive administration feature allows quick and easy configuration, to keep pace with changing offerings. Friendly hand drawn illustrations keep the interface friendly and informative. CB&F’s unique development tools are minimizing development time, complexities and cost.


More Apps in the CB&F Pipeline

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A Vancouver business and a Victoria-area entrepreneur have contracted with Charles Buchwald and Friends to develop new iOS based apps. Currently in development, both are anticipated to debut in the Apple App Store in Q3, 2011, with Android versions following quickly.

While CB&F’s three key advantages for app development—publishing on multiple platforms from the same code base, reduced development time, and significant depth of experience—are helping to realize these projects quickly and efficiently, finely tuned marketing programmes will separate them from the crowd.

Do you have an app idea? Contact Charles Buchwald & Friends and let’s grab a cup of coffee and discuss it.


simply better apps…

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iPhone-ish Calling Card3 keys to simply better apps:

  1. We publish everywhere. Not just iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), but Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and web servers… from one set of code. This increases your market penetration, opens up more income streams, and builds user networks faster.
  2. We work faster. 30 percent faster by published studies of our toolset, regularly saving 2 months or more on typical projects. This means your app gets to market sooner, can cost less to develop, and follow up versions can be published faster.
  3. We have experience. 20 years of interface design, software development, and marketing has won us awards, put our name on patents, and helped us serve clients like BMW, Disney and Pillsbury. This helps increase the quality of your app and reduce your risk.

Contact us to discuss your app development project today!

iOS Development Services Android Development Services Windows Mobile Development Services Desktop Application Development Services Website  Development Services Smartphone App Development Link to Twitter Link to Facebook Link to LinkedIn Home Page Home Page

Traces Online with Charles Buchwald & Friends

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Renowned Mexican photographer Silvana Agostoni has teamed with Charles Buchwald & Friends to put her latest exhibit online.

Available now at, Traces is an exhibit of art photography now on display at the Museo Achivo de la Fotografía in Mexico City. On display until 29 May, 2011, the show is composed of a series of remarkable images taken at an abandoned prison in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, at once evocative, insightful, and haunting.

Once again WordPress was pressed into service as a scalable Content Management System (CMS). Ms. Agostoni will be able to quickly and easily add additional galleries, with the WordPress software handling the complexities of sizing images and managing image libraries. With WordPress hosting, installation, setup, and a simple custom theme developed by CB&F, getting up and running was quick and easy.

World’s Largest Top Ten List

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Here is an interesting bit of shameless self-promotion collected while reviewing the archives… each of these companies laid claim to “world’s largest” as a former client:

  1. world’s largest bicycle tool manufacturer: Park Tool USA
  2. world’s largest law book publisher: West Publishing (now part of Thompson Reuters)
  3. world’s largest premium car manufacturer: BMW
  4. (one of the) world’s largest food producers: Pillsbury
  5. world’s largest manufacturer of helicopter firefighting equipment: SEI Industries
  6. world’s largest repository of Minnesota materials: Minnesota Historical Society
  7. (one of the) world’s largest manufacturer of backpacks: Gregory Mountain Products
  8. world’s largest commercial weather services provider: Kavouras, Inc. (since merged with Telvent)
  9. world’s largest printer of checks: Deluxe Corporation
  10. world’s largest on-demand publishing company: Trafford Publishing

Living Carbon Innovates with Charles Buchwald & Friends

Living Carbon websiteWe’re proud to announce the debut of another new site developed with assistance from CB&F. Living Carbon is a 100% non-profit owned carbon offset development company, specializing in conservation offsets—the ’100 mile offset.’

Living Carbon’s Briony Penn worked with lead developer and designer Charles Buchwald and others to create the design and site architecture. With a quickly developing mandate in a constantly changing business and governmental landscape, flexibility was a key design criteria. The Headway meta-theme and WordPress CMS keep the site highly responsive, flexible, and easy to maintain.

Original illustrations by Penn have been combined with a voiceover by Buchwald into an effective and friendly introductory video. Working with a tight budget and limited time constraints, the simple animation conveys a sense of the company purpose and method in a concise way, helping to explain the complex process of living carbon offsets.

Charles Buchwald & Friends is proud to be a part of this innovative BC conservation initiative. Please visit the new site to find out more and participate in their projects.

Full Moon Rises with CB&F

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Full Moon Original Jewellery SiteSimon Rompré and Stephanie Artz of Full Moon Original Jewelry have worked with Charles Buchwald & Friends to design and develop a newly renovated web site. Using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), the site now shows their complete line of West-Coast-inspired designs.

A simple shopping cart, combined with the WordPress gallery feature, makes for an easy to manage ecommerce solution. PayPal helps maintain online buyer confidence and simplify the payment system. “Easy” is the key word, since maintenance of the site falls to Simon and Stephanie, while they also create, sell, and photograph their beautiful jewelry.

The custom WordPress theme, developed by CB&F, takes it inspiration from the jewellers’ colourful and evocative booth sign, with a forest/ocean/moonlight motif. This helps build brand recognition by maintaining the consistency of their visual identity, and reflecting their unique Northwest Coast island design sense.

Check out the new site, and leave a comment about your impressions!

The Tasman Metals Story: Design by Charles Buchwald & Friends

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Tasman Metals Ltd., Capital Street Group Publications, and Wayne Melvin MA have worked with Charles Buchwald & Friends to produce The Tasman Metals Story: Bringing Rare Earth Elements to Europe and The World. The publication is both a history of Tasman Metals and a promotional piece, with publication design and ebook production by CB&F.

The 22 page book(let) is being printed, and has been compiled for online distribution as an Acrobat (PDF) document, as well as a variety of ebook formats (including ePub and others) planned for online distribution on the Tasman website, the Apple iBook store, and other ebook distribution websites.

Charles Buchwald and Friends drew on a depth of experience with publication design and integrated production methods to produce the print files and ebook files with particular expediency and efficiency. With the increasing popularity of ebook distribution, it’s anticipated that these innovative production techniques will help advance strong and cost effective publication-based marketing efforts in the future.

UPDATE: View the PDF or ebooks in EPUB, MOBI or PDB format.

Salt Spring Digital

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Salt Spring Digital is a networking and professional group on Facebook and Ning, which meets as part of Green Drinks… and is now also on LinkedIn. It looks like social media has finally caught up… it would have been great to have this level of awareness years ago for the Gulf Islands Information Technology Group (GIITG). If you are an IT professional on Saltspring Island, please connect!

From the site:

Salt Spring Digital is a coming together of local, socially conscious community members who work in the I.T., Tech, Communications, and Knowledge fields. It is a collective effort to share skills and resources with each other, to collaborate on projects, provide professional development and support for each other as well as developing our community’s digital infrastructure to build a sustainable economy.

Visit Salt Spring Digital

Salt Spring Farm to Table Catering: Live!

Salt Spring Farm to TableSaltspring local, chef and sommelier,  Janelle Langford has been working with Charles Buchwald & Friends to develop a site that captures the flavour of her outstanding hospitality business. Salt Spring Farm to Table Catering is the product of 25 years of “effortless entertaining”, sommelier training, and “a touch of risk taking tempered by a poetic license and an unwavering belief that one can do just about anything when they set their heart and soul into it.”

A simple implementation of the WordPress CMS helps ensure the site is easy to update and otherwise maintain and expand. A custom logo and illustrations developed for a promotional print piece add character while reinforcing a consistent message. Understated design and animation convey Janelle’s commitment to quality and tasteful innovation and reflect a bit of the rich agricultural and cultural heritage of Salt Spring Island.

Announcing: Site-in-an-Afternoon

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Charles Buchwald & Friends is proud to announce our latest service: Site-in-an-Afternoon. This premium service provides you with an afternoon’s worth of Charles’ time, and an optional content developer. Working in your place of business, Charles works with you to design, develop and deploy a complete, professional site in just 3-4 hours. Working with you and/or your staff, domain name registration, hosting, email accounts, server software installation, configuration, design development, site map & outline, basic written content, and images are seamlessly blended into a high quality site.

By working with you directly and efficiently, we make the most of your time, maximize your input, and get you up and running on the web ASAP. And since it’s all based on the latest Content Management Systems (CMS), your site is future-proof.

Contact CB&F now to find out more or to schedule a session.

Uta Nagel Design: Live with CB&F

Vancouver and Toronto designer Uta Nagel has selected Charles Buchwald & Friends to design, build and host their new website, Uta Nagel Design. As the first example in our site-in-an-afternoon project series, it’s a great example of what can be done in just a few hours of  collaborative, expert-level, hyper-focused work.

Featuring an understated design in dark, muted colours, the site highlights their stunning interior design work and unique photographic art. A WordPress back end keeps it fast, easy to update, SEO friendly, standards compliant, and future proof.

Ahava Shira Goes Live with CB&F

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Poet, storyteller, photographer and teacher Ahava Shira holds a PhD in Language & Literacy Education from the University of British Columbia, and is the founder of the Centre for Loving Inquiry—an interdisciplinary teaching and learning studio on Salt Spring Island committed to using creative and contemplative practices to foster compassionate relationships with self, others and the natural world.

Dr. Shira has recently completed work with Charles Buchwald & Friends to develop a new site highlighting her online writing, workshops, seminars, books, CD’s, and radio show. The CB&F implementation makes it easy to updated and maintain, protects her investment of time and effort, positions her for excellent search engine results, and enhances her message with a coordinated visual presence.

AGSSI Live with CB&F!

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The Accommodations Group of Salt Spring Island has recently debuted a revised site, completely renovated by Charles Buchwald & Friends. The challenge was to retain the successful look and feel of the established site and coordinate with print materials for a more consistent marketing identity, while updating the site engine, adding new features and functionality, and allowing volunteer staff to easily manage site changes. Read more

Our Goal: Your Meaningful Growth

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growthHere at Charles Buchwald & Friends we keep focused on one goal: your meaningful growth. We’ll help you and your business, organization or community achieve that through bigger margins, a better triple bottom line, or renewed clarity and focus… however you define meaning and success.

Whether yours is a small solopreneurship, a charity, or an established Fortune 500™ firm, we have worked with clients like you, and we can help. Our experience and capabilities encompass mobile, social, web, print, photo/video, illustration, animation, software, and identity systems in traditional advertising, marketing and PR, and business systems.  Small or large, we treat you and yours with intention, care and respect.

Read more Live with CB&F!

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Frank Burnaby’s blog is now live, courtesy of development assistance from Charles Buchwald & Friends. Frank has a unique take on some deep ideas, including insights into education, health, and our relationship with our environment. He’s sure to make you think. Check out the new posts and leave a comment if you find something interesting or provocative.

Waterfront Saltspring: Live with CB&F!

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The challenge: get additional market exposure for an outstanding waterfront acreage and house for sale on Saltspring Island.

The solution: build a clean and simple, optimized site using the WordPress CMS. Highlight the best features of the unique location, the exceptional natural values of the property, and the benefits of the house, dock and boathouse with a rotating header area and an accessible gallery; configure it all so that the owner can update and upgrade the content simply and quickly, as time allows.

The site: Check it out!

Cedar Beach Resort: Live with CB&F

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Cedar Beach Resort, one of the largest resorts on Salt Spring, has gone live with Charles Buchwald & Friends. The newly revised site is a major upgrade and expansion of their former site, incorporating new photo galleries, interactive maps, contact forms, a revised and updated logo, online reservations, and a state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS) allowing them to maintain and grow the site themselves.

With estimates of as much as 90 percent of travel planning taking place online, this family oriented resort was feeling the need to open up a clearer conduit between staff, customers, and potential customers. The former static, brochure-like site’s outdated look and feel, lack of functionality, and difficult maintenance had become liabilities. Outdated photos and information gave an inaccurate picture of facilities that have undergone significant renovations. After a thorough selection process, CB&F was brought in to make changes.

We created a flexible framework to show not only the updated facilities, but just as importantly the carefully cultivated family friendly atmosphere at the resort. The result is a site that can be easily and quickly kept current, and shows off the business to good advantage. Key communication channels are quick, easy and reliable, encouraging quality contact from returning and potential customers.

Check it out! And if you’re coming to Saltspring with your kids, and need a place to stay and swim and soak in the island atmosphere, be sure to contact the friendly folks at Cedar Beach Resort.

Full Moon Sail

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Friends went on an evening trip to see the full moon, and took me along.

Here’s a quick VR movie from the sail…
FullMoonSailVR (Quicktime required. Click and drag to pan; shift or control to zoom.)

… and a simple, flat panoramic photo of the same thing.

Web Hosting Giveaway, July

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Charles Buchwald & Friends is providing 3 free web hosting accounts for Salt Spring community groups or charities in the month of July.

Just like our business customers, groups can host their website with Charles Buchwald & Friends for a year, including web pages, email, mailing lists, file transfer, and more.

Hosting is fast, very secure, easy to manage, and well supported by an enthusiastic and community-minded local business. It’s also carbon neutral.

Join groups including the Bandemonium Music SocietySalt Spring Community Education, WOLF Kids, and many others.

UPDATE: Save Our Surgery is the first recipient of hosting this month. Only 2 accounts left now.

As long time residents of Salt Spring Island and the Gulf Islands this is one of the ways we give back to the community and the people we love.

If you are a charity or a Gulf Islands community group, please contact us.

UPDATE: July applications are closed. 2 additional community groups have received donations, but will wait to announce their projects. Thanks, everyone, for another great month of small scale philanthropy!

Save Our Surgery

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CB&F has donated hosting to Save Our Surgery, a local Saltspring group working to affect change in policies governing use of the local Lady Minto Hospital.

According to the group:

In 2004, a new “state of the art” operating room was completed at Lady Minto Hospital, together with an excellent Central Supply Room to provide sterilization of instruments as required by the new standards.

This project was funded by the Capital Region District ($1.1 million), the Vancouver Island health Authority ($1 million) and, at the request of the VIHA, $780,000 from the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation.

Since July 2008 this state of the art operating room sits empty and unused.

Please visit their site to sign their petition, learn more, or obtain contact information.

Illustration for Monimos

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We were rather excited to complete this recent project for Monimos in Victoria, BC, a developer with a “mission to foster strong community relationships in order to provide future sustainable growth and development”.

This 3D rendering of a building project in Sooke was completed expediently, thanks to Google SketchUp and a 3Dconnexion Space Navigator controller… and several years of experience as an architectural draftsperson. It’s amazing how efficient and flexible modern architectural visualization tools have become. Since working with the original upFRONT software, which surely must be a direct ancestor of SketchUp, work has become fluid, immediate and direct. No more waiting to see a shaded rendered version, or carefully and slowly switching views.

It will be fascinating to see these same technologies applied to upcoming design projects. Do you have experience using SketchUp and the Space Navigator for design? Then please leave a comment!

Greenway Partners

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Sometimes Facebook can actually be useful and productive. A case in point: I recently reconnected with a friend from Northfield High School. David Narum is a partner with Greenway Partners in Arcata, California, promoting and using regenerative design to go “beyond sustainability”. It’s great to find like-minded people working to reconnect people and the planet. Read more

Protected: Photo Editing for Photographers


This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Creative Wellness Live with CB&F!

Creative WellnessAfter an extended renovation period, Lynda Monk’s Creative Wellness is live and online with Charles Buchwald & Friends.

Highlights of this project included:

  • working with Lynda and her team to develop a custom WordPress theme incorporating the strong visual elements of the older site by Renee at earth spirit creations, to preserve the consistency of look and feel with Lynda’s existing print and digital assets
  • using a variety of great WordPress plugins to increase the functionality of the site, from the sophisticated and customizable menu system, to the AJAX-powered client testimonials, to custom forms
  • and most significantly expanding the control Lynda herself has over the site and it’s growing content.

Read more

Community Education Live with CB&F

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Salt Spring Community Education logoCharles Buchwald and Friends is proud to be donating free hosting to Salt Spring Community Education. They have a great, active, friendly slate of classes of all kinds, including Photo Editing for Photographers. They are another one of our community’s wonderful non-profit, charitable societies. If you are on Salt Spring Island, check out their ever changing list of courses, lecture series and other learning opportunities.

Questions and Answers

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question markWe’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to this site.
We’ll add questions and answers we get regularly… or feel free to ask about anything related to web design and development, online marketing, or software development and we’ll do our best to answer.


Thank You, Chris & Darlene

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Chris & Darlene HobbsThank you, Chris and Darlene Hobbs, for being such great clients for more than 6 years.

It’s been great to work with you and see the evolution of Sotheby’s Saltspring, and your site. It’s always a pleasure to see your enthusiasm for what you do, for our wonderful Island home, and sharing that with both locals and newcomers. Your openness to new ideas, and to find just the right solution, whether technical, procedural, or graphical has surely been a big part of the success of your busy, busy site.

Thanks for making me a part of your journey! I’m looking forward to seeing what we come up with next…

Marketing is No Longer Marketing


“In the age of transparency, marketing is not about crafting artificial or half-true brand stories for consumer audiences. Marketing is about uncovering, fostering, sharing, and engaging with employees and consumers around the true stories that make your brand unique.” (Brett Virmalo, tipping point labs)

How refreshing to know that we can work at digging down to the really good stuff that’s happening with your company, product, brand or project, and open up discussions about that internally and externally… and this will spread the word and build the brand. Basically, “raise your consciousness and spread it to your clients and customers, and everyone benefits”.

Spring Classes

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Put up your hand!Working with Saltspring Community Education, Charles is offering two courses for the late Spring session:

  • Photo Editing for Photographers
  • Websites for Community Groups

Register for a course with a friend, and one of you gets 10% off!

Read more

Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce


Salt Spring Island Chamber of CommerceWe’re having a great time with the Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce.

I was just interviewed by Chamber Manager, Donna Powell, on her Chamber of Commerce sponsored radio show on local community station CFSI-FM. It was good to be able to talk for a bit about the business case for web sites and web marketing, and to provide some insights into SEO, social media, social media marketing, and all these new ways to connect with customers, potential customers, and other business people. Thanks, Donna!

This Thursday morning, 18 February, I’ll be speaking on some of the same subjects to the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Club, at 8:00 am at Calvin’s Bistro. I have a lot I’d like to cover, and I’m looking forward to taking questions, too. If you are on the Island and would like to come, you can attend whether or not you are a Chamber member.

And last, but not least, I’m currently offering a 10 percent discount to Chamber members on web development and marketing services through Charles Buchwald & Friends. And, I will contribute the savings to the Chamber and their continuing IT needs, so it’s really a win-win-win deal! Please contact me for more details.

Social Media Marketing in 61 Words

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61-highwayYou can buy attention (advertising);
you can beg for attention from the media (PR);
you can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales);
or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free: a YouTube video, a blog, a research report, photos, a Twitter stream, an ebook, a Facebook page.

From Randy via WebInkNow

On Competition vs. Community

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fightingI believe that competition and the mindset that accompanies it are a form of scarcity consciousness. Focusing on “beating competitors” and the associated conflict may be exciting for some, but ultimately it hurts both the business community and the social community.

I believe in abundance consciousness. I believe there is enough work, food, love and compassion to go around… if we open to it.

Read more

Looking Back at 2009

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It was a busy, expansive year for CB&F! Thanks to all our friends, new and old!

2009 was great year for community service here at Charles Buchwald & Friends, with contributions to the SSI Farm and Barter Network, the Jazz and Blues Society, Griefwalker films, photography for the Raincoast Conservation Foundation‘s Predator Survey, and most notably, a major new site for the Centre for Child Honouring. (Congratulations on the new digs, Raffi and friends!)

Of course continuing support for the Bandemonium Music Society, the Crofton Airshed Citizens Group, the Luna Rose Prison Project, and the Salt Spring Vipassana Community was a pleasure to provide.

Wordle word cloud of

2009 was a great growth year for CB&F, including some fresh new projects. Retail Marketing Group and G. A. Industries helped start the year with some outstanding work in Adobe Flash. (Thanks, Doug, and Joern and Petra for being such great clients!) Later, 2009 welcomed new clients including Peter Allan’s Noble Sculpture Studio, North End Fitness, Hands On Healing Bodywork, and Westwind Translations.

Another major effort debuted in August, with the WOLF Kids website. What fun to celebrate the next stage of their programs with Harry Manx, Valdy, and friends on New Year’s Eve! Word is that another past client, Royal Roads University, may join forces with this innovative island school in the coming year.

Although it was a small project on a short timeline, it was an honour and a pleasure to renovate for one of the island’s, and the nation’s, more famous and insightful authors, Ronald Wright.

And wrapping up the year, new clients Greening Sports,, and Hampton Stone Coaching worked with CB&F to create strong, focused new online marketing programs.

For more about CB&F’s history, activities, portfolio and so on, see the Archives.

Thanks so much to all the new clients for the year… especially those of you who are already working on new initiatives with CB&F for 2010!

CB&F: Now CEME Certified

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cemeSealCharles Buchwald & Friends are now certified by CEME as email marketing experts. Ask us what this means for your business, or leave a comment with your question or email marketing tip.

Hampton Stone Coaching Live with CB&F!

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Hampton Stone CoachingIsabelle Hampton Stone’s new Coaching for Success website has gone live with Charles Buchwald & Friends… or rather, it’s been live for a bit now, and the client and we have finally tied it all together. Check out Isabelle’s site for an inspiring look at her varied, in-depth experience as a coach and trainer in a variety of disciplines.

Read more Live with CB&F!

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ChemainusRental.comFriends and neighbours Peter and Lynda asked me about creating a modest site to promote their lovely commercial property in Chemainus, across from the spectacular Emily Carr mural there. is the result of a half-days work, and deep knowledge of available CMS and WordPress resources. As I hope you can see from the site, there is a real advantage to knowing many of the really brilliant and innovative designs and technologies available for producing a CMS site quickly and easily. Read more

Quick Guide to The Latest SEO

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seoSearch Engine Optimization is always changing. Thankfully, Rand Fishkin and SEOmoz perform a survey every two years. They poll up to 100 of the SEO industry’s top minds. In 2009 they had 72 experts participate. They recently published the results as the Search Engine Ranking Factors 2009 Survey.

This chart summarizes the five most important factors which they identified: Read more

Ronald Wright: Live with CB&F!

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RonaldWright-comNo. 1 best selling author Ronald Wright has a new web site,, and he’s gone live with the help of Charles Buchwald & Friends.

By converting and updating a static, iWeb based site into a modern, user-editable and user-maintainable CMS based site, CB&F kept cost and time under control. The new site allows for easy updates, an RSS feed, tagged articles, and more fluid categorization, too.

Read more

Dead Simple Site Building Tools

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simple-toolsWe are firm believers in open source CMSs (Content Management Systems). They make it easy to manage a web site… so easy that you don’t have to rely on us to edit and expand your content. It’s great for us, because it avoids those call like, “I’ve noticed an errant semicolon on page 2, paragraph 2, sentence 3. Could you change that ASAP?” Workflow like this is not efficient for anyone. And it empowers you to build more valuable content into your site, which is great for SEO, attracting new visitors, and retaining visitors.

Sometimes, though, even a simple, powerful tool like our hosted WordPress is too much. In that case, there are a few web building tools out there that are even simpler. The Codeless Website lists them and provides thumbnail reviews. (Be sure to check the comments on the article for a few they missed.)

Why would I tell you about sites that you can build and run entirely on your own? Our goal is not to sell you services, it’s to help you succeed. We measure our success by how your endeavor is measuring up to your yardstick. Greener processes? Happier clients… and employees? Higher profit margins? Often a well designed, green marketing program can work wonders. Sometimes it’s a sophisticated, interactive website. We’ll help you figure it out. And if the answer involves a site that doesn’t involve us, then “more power to you”!

Greening Sports Live with CB&F

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GreeningSportsEnvironmental consulting firm Greening Sports LLC has gone live with a new web site built by Charles Buchwald and Friends. Although the company, and the site, are in the early stages, significant work has been done. Soon, a web survey will allow visitors to contribute to a survey of sports teams, and more features are currently under development. The site features the sports photography of Pallavi Shah, as well as a fresh, clean template design customized by CB&F. Goes Live!

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childhonouringthumbOur latest, greatest project went live recently! is up and ready for you. Please visit and check out all the wonderful information on Raffi’s transformative philosophy, including free book downloads, free songs, and lots more. CB&F has been thrilled to be a part of this effort, even so far as to donate 10 percent of our fees back to the Centre in the form of pro bono work. So, please spread the word about this site and these fascinating, world-changing ideas!

Climate Action Day

Saturday, 24 October 2009, is the Global Day of Action for Climate Change. If you haven’t heard about it yet, please visit for just a few minutes, and read about the thousands of events around the world organized to bring attention to the threat of climate change, and to ask our leaders to carry the people’s message of concern and call to action to Copenhagen.

CB&F will be at the Salt Spring Island event to donate event photography and post the official photo. Check back to see the photo! Here’s the photo:

Climate Action Day on Saltspring Island, Canada

Climate Action Day on Saltspring Island, Canada

Here’s what Shoshanah Ray Waxman wrote about the event:

A critical mass bike ride and community rally was held on Salt Spring Island, BC with the theme “Ganges Underwater.” People are dressed up in snorkels, wetsuits and flippers to represent the result of climate change and rising sea waters on our island’s main village. A new water line was mapped out and marked with signs showing which local  businesses and landmarks would be submerged if waters rose 5 meters. Gathering at the high school gymnasium, we heard music from local artists, including a sing-along to a specially composed song “Be the Change” by Phil Vernon. The Raging Grannies graced us with their might, and high school student Geoff McFarlane shared a song titled “Let my World Revolve.” Child entertainer Raffi sang a world premier of “Sustainability”—a song form his forthcoming album “Communion”. We also introduced the idea of a Transition Initiative to make our community more self-reliant and carbon-neutral. Our message to our government is “Don’t let us sink at Copenhagen!”

Here’s more on the day and events, directly from

On October 24, 2009, millions of people around the world will take action to spread the number 350, the safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere measured in parts per million, and make sure world leaders are on course to reach that target.

I’m attending a event near me because I want to be part of the solution. Please check out to find or start an October 24 event near you.

It’s urgent that we act together and build a movement that will solve the climate crisis and ensure a safe and just future for the world. Please join me, and help build this movement at is an international grassroots campaign that aims to mobilize a global climate movement united by a common call to action. By spreading an understanding of the science and a shared vision for a fair policy, we will ensure that the world creates bold and equitable solutions to the climate crisis. is an independent and not-for-profit project. needs your help! To support our work, donate securely online at

Here’s the official Flickr page.

New Work: Ronald Wright

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Ronald WrightCB&F is proud to be working with award-winning author Ronald Wright. A new site promoting his books and appearances is in the works and anticipated to debut early next month.

(If you haven’t read What Is America? A Short History of the New World Order I recommend it.)

Car Free for Five Days

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Islanders Give Up CarsI saw this in the paper, but forgot about the online version.

I went “car free” for five days a while ago, and earned $50 for my trouble. The current thought is to use this as seed money for a “yellow bike” sharing program for Ganges, here on Salt spring Island. Recent work has put a hold on plans for such a program, but my intention is to develop it a bit more over the rainy season, then get it rolling in the Spring.

I recommend going “car free”. Walking is great way to get some exercise and connect to the neighbourhood and the nature around us.

Rock Paper Scissors

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Rock Paper Scissors Show Invite

Rock Paper Scissors Show Invitation

Today I am a part of an art show again, for the first time in 24 years.

From the invite: “Rock Paper Scissors, an exhibit by four emerging Saltspring artists, Peter Allan, Heidi Cowan, Chris Leischner, Charles Buchwald, at Noble Studio.”

I’m entering six photographs, maybe seven if Peter and Lynda will consent to show the print of mine that they won at auction last year. There are four landscapes and two (or three) marine photographs.

It was meant to be an intimate little preview, a “pre-show” as practice for something more serious in the Spring, but it’s turned into something bigger, with gallery owners invited. I think we may have a hundred guests before the afternoon is over, but then again it’s raining today and maybe islanders are already in hibernation mode.

From my artists statement: “I’d like to dedicate these works to my partner, Jeannie Vasilakos, for her patient generosity and continuing support. Thank you to my teachers, professors Walter Zurko and George Olson, photographer Rudy Calin.”

Photoshop for Photographers

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SSI Community Education_ CoursesCharles Buchwald is offering a course through Salt Spring Community Education for the Fall 2009 schedule. The class, called Photoshop for Photographers, is focused on basic and intermediate photo editing using Adobe’s Photoshop software.

Here’s the course description from Community Ed:

Learn how to edit photos with Adobe Photoshop. Improve composition, contrast and colour; fix defects such as redeye or incorrect exposure. Learn about key concepts and techniques including color space, resolution, file types, and image noise. The class will edit a variety of sample photos to create beautiful, powerful images. The lab will have PCs available. Contact the instructor if you wish to bring your own laptop. Prerequisite: intermediate computer experience; ability to open, save and organize files

8 Wednesdays
Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov 4, 18, 25, Dec.2
GISS Room S111

The class filled quickly, but if you are interested please stay in touch, as it may be offered again in the Spring 2010 schedule.

If you are have registered for the course, please check this new section of  this site for class information, examples, tips and resources… or leave a comment below… and we’ll see you soon!

Joomla! CMS Courses in Vancouver

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vancouver skyline from the harbourFormer Salt Spring resident Aaron Hanford is offering Joomla! CMS courses in Vancouver. Aaron has lots and lots of experience with the software, and has great people skills, so I’m sure his classes will be informative and fun. Check out the class site for more.

New Work: Spire Publishing

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spirepublishinglogoCharles Buchwald & Friends is pleased to announce that Spire Publishing has signed on to work with us to develop custom database components for their web site. With a 7 year record of success in the publishing industry, and a commitment to social, environmental, and community-building practices, their direction is close to our hearts and we’re excited to contribute. If you are an author, or aspiring author, check out their publishing packages. If you just enjoy a good book, check out their online book store.

How to Register a .ca Domain

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dot-caRegistering .ca domains can often be confusing. Here’s a quick, “how to” guide.

Registering a .com, .org, .net or many other top level domains is quite straitforward: you sign up with a registrar, pay them around $9 to $20 depending on their services and the domain, and you are set.

But with Canadian .ca domain names, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) adds some extra steps. It goes like this:

  1. After you register with your domain name registrar and purchase your .ca domain you receive an email from CIRA.
  2. The email contains a link, a username and a password.
  3. You must follow the link, user the username and password, and confirm your legal status in Canada, your address, and other information. They’ll ask you if  you want to establish an account or membership with them, although it’s not necessary to complete the domain name process.
You must confirm within a week, or they will assume that you cannot confirm your status as a Canadian person or company, and will cancel your application for the .ca domain!

So, it’s not a scam, it’s not particularly complicated… and it is essential to confirm on time with CIRA, if you want to get up and running with your .ca domain name.

CIRA has more info for new registrants.

Tips? Questions? Comments? Please leave me a message in the comments for this article.

P.S. For registering .ca domain names, and .com, .org., .net, and others, I’ve used for several years, and I appreciate their simple, inexpensive service. There are many others, including Godaddy and Network Solutions for example, that work well, but because they complicate their offerings with lots of addons and up sells, my experience has been that they are more trouble than they are worth.

New Work: West Wind Translations

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CB&F is pleased to announce that Denise Okan of West Wind Translations has contracted with us to develop a web site for her growing business. The site will be in both English and German, with a possible Turkish version to follow. Taking advantage of the multilingual capabilities of modern CMS systems will be key to keeping this project accurate and efficient.

In a related note, Charles Buchwald & Friends is now offering translations services for web content!

New Work: Centre for Child Honouring

child-honouring-knotCB&F is proud and excited to announce that after a lengthy selection process, we have been selected to develop the web site for the new Centre for Child Honouring. The Spirit of ONE Campaign is a fundraising effort to establish the Centre here on Salt Spring Island, and the web site is one of the first outward efforts. Working with Raffi, the Centre staff, and a select group of subcontractors the development process is already underway.

If you don’t know about Raffi’s recent efforts, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about them:

In recent years, Raffi has devoted himself to “Child Honouring”, his vision for creating a humane and sustainable world by addressing the universal needs of children. His “Covenant for Honouring Children” outlines the principles of this philosophy.

In 2006, with Dr. Sharna Olfman, he co-edited an anthology,Child Honouring: How to Turn This World Around, which introduces Child Honouring as a philosophy for restoring communities and ecosystems. It contains chapters by Penelope Leach, Fritjof Capra, David Korten, Riane Eisler, Mary Gordon, Graca Machel, Joel Bakan, Matthew Fox, Barbara Kingsolver, and others. The book’s foreword is by the Dalai Lama. Resisto Dancing: Songs of Compassionate Revolution is the companion music record album for that book.

In a 2006 speech, Iona Campagnolo, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, referred to Child Honouring as a “vast change in the human paradigm.”

For a bit more, check out Raffi’s Troubadour Music and What is Child Honouring?, as well as our local newspaper, the Gulf Islands Driftwood, and this recent editorial piece, Child Honouring Urgently Needed.

One of the lovely things is that the philosophy encompasses both social and environmental responsibility and sustainability, so that the efforts are inherently green, community-building, and peacemaking.

CB&F are seeking pro bono donations from highly qualified web professionals; please contact us if you are interested in participating in a world-changing movement!

WOLF Kids: Live with CB&F

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Charles Buchwald & Friends is proud to announce our latest web site development effort. The WOLF Kids school, here on Salt Spring Island, has recently debuted a site that is both a information portal for their program, and a communication tool for the participants in the group.

WOLF Kids web site

WOLF Kids web site

The WOLF Kids program is a very exciting “nature immersion” program on the leading edge of educational curricula. Here’s an excerpt from the program description:

Wolf Kids offers a nature immersion and home school program where students interact with their natural environment through adventure, challenges, and a lot of fun. A core principal of the program focuses on experience in nature, as it has always been fundamental to the education of young developing human beings. For instance, climbing trees and running, tracking animals, building shelter and watercraft, making fire, discovering edible and medicinal plants, students acquire a keen knowledge of the taxonomy of flora and fauna, as well as traditional outdoor skills. These activities lead to an ecological integrity, which answers the call for affirmation and maximization of the potential of our children. Their classroom is the forest, ocean, fields, streams, and mountains. Their teachers are the otters, birds, shifting winds, and the people who make up our tribe. This full immersion program, utilizes both scientific and indigenous studies. Through hands-on outdoor experiences, students develop an ingrained knowledge and awareness of the natural world, and their place in it. They become eager and quick learners, the stewards and unshakeable voices of our environment, in whatever they choose to do for the future.

Please check out the site and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Peter Allan: Live with CB&F

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Noble Sculpture Studio by Peter AllanSalt Spring Island artist Peter Allan has collaborated with Charles Buchwald & Friends on an online portfolio of his sensuous new stone work, premiering today at

The effort began with a mobile photography studio setup in Peter’s beautiful South End studio. Lighting, background, color fidelity, and composition were all tweaked by working with a tethered camera setup that allowed the artist and photographer to review each shot on screen as soon as it was taken.

The “blackout” site theme was created to spotlight the intricate sensuality of the carvings. Navigation is straightforward and visual. A custom WordPress theme and database drive the site, allowing for quick and easy editing and additions, as Peter produces more of his remarkable work.

Abundance vs. Scarcity Thinking in Tech

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dandeliongirlChris Anderson, Wired Magazine’s Editor in Chief, has written a thought-provoking article for the latest edition of said magazine. Tech Is Too Cheap to Meter: It’s Time to Manage for Abundance, Not Scarcity presents views from his latest book about how the falling prices for information technology have the potential to change our thinking and feeling.

The central premise is that most of our business and organization thinking is based on promoting scarce materials, products and ideas. But falling tech prices present a different paradigm, where it’s our thinking and creativity that are the main limitations. This chart was very helpful:


Note that the audio version of the book is currently available for download within the body of the article.

What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know!

CB&F Joins the SSI Chamber of Commerce

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Salt Spring Chamber of CommerceCharles Buchwald & Friends is proud to be a new member of the Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to participating even more fully in the commercial life of the island, including working with more of the amazing businesses and organizations that are part of the community here.

Especially appreciated here are the many local people and groups working to build sustainability and spirit into their work and lives. We support and encourage that through our commitments to our triple bottom line, to pro bono work with a wide variety of local charities and groups, and to a focus on welcoming new clients with similar commitments to world changing.

See our new Chamber of Commerce listing for more.

Deep Ecology Workshop

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Charles Buchwald & Friends staff will be attending a new workshop on Salt Spring Island this weekend. Here are the details:

The Work That Reconnects: Discovering Our Ecological Self
Sunday, July 19th

“our pain is a measure of our love for our world”

The Work that Reconnects helps us to connect with our deepest emotions about Earth in a respectful and supportive environment. By recognizing and experiencing the profound feelings we have about what is happening on our planet, we develop insight into our radical interdependence. From this understanding comes hope and empowerment!

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