New Updates: lcMover and lcResTool, Plugins for LiveCode

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lcResTool UI

Updated UI

My free plugin utilities for LiveCode developers, lcMover and lcResTool have been updated to versions 1.2 and 1.4 respectively. There are bug fixes and new features for dealing with the new scaleFactor property, as well as a few tweaks and some fine tuning. There is also new reference data in lcResTool about the scaleFactor and density of a number of common mobile devices.

As always, these are free to download and use! And of course LiveCode Community is free and open source now, so everyone has a chance to try this great development environment. Check it out!

Lourdes Valdes: Art Online

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Lourdes Valdes Miami artist Lourdes Valdes has a new site, courtesy of Charles Buchwald & Friends.

This WordPress based site has an extremely clean design to keep the emphasis on Ms. Valdes paintings and let the rest of the layout disappear. Unlike the Flash based site it replaces, the design is responsive, to be easily viewable on a wide variety of devices, from desktop browsers to tablets and smartphones. Administrative features make it particularly easy to edit and add new galleries as Ms. Valdes’ ouevre grows and expands. Content caching, compression, and other behind-the-scenes features ensure that content is served quickly and efficiently. A simple contact form provides an easy, safe contact point for visitors.

Check out the new site, and watch for more beautiful design work from us coming soon.

Bensire Rolls Out New Site

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bensire.comBensire Carpets has been working with Charles Buchwald & Friends for the last year, and the results are finally live:

This WordPress based site incorporates a number of interesting and unique features, a carefully crafted custom theme, and a colorful collection of historic and new photos.

Watch for more great photos and other content as the site evolves. And be sure to check out Bensire’s amazing handmade rugs in Mexico and Australia.

LiveCode Going Open Source


My favourite development tool is going opensource… or trying to do so. The development team has posted the whole initiative on Kickstarter, and it looks to be gaining momentum. If you are at all interested in great tools, please consider a small donation.

In fact, if you are interested in science or math education, that’s a great reason to support this effort, too. LiveCode is a wonderful educational tool, and gaining ground in secondary schools around the world. Going to an opensource model would increase schools’ access to this tool immensely.

Check out the campaign:

Open Source Edition of LiveCode -- Kicktraq Mini

lcResTool and lcMover LiveCode Plugins Released

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If you are using the LiveCode development environment, check out the plugins we’ve developed: lcResTool and lcMover.

lcResTool helps you size your windows to a variety of common mobile device sizes. There are options for orientation, e.g. landscape vs. portrait, and automatically subtracting the height of the status bar for several devices. In addition there is a guide to device resolution standards, in case you’ve ever wondered about the difference between XGA, SXGA and UXGA, for example. And there’s a chart of the resolution and pixel density for a many common mobile devices.

lcMover is a tiny little palette for moving the top most window around. It’s handy to use with lcResTool, but also useful any time you are resizing windows via script.

Both are free. We’d love to hear your feedback.