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Joomla! CMS Courses in Vancouver

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Former Salt Spring resident Aaron Hanford is offering Joomla! CMS courses in Vancouver. Aaron has lots and lots of experience with the software, and has great people skills, so I’m sure his classes will be informative and fun. Check out the class site for more.

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How to Register a .ca Domain

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Registering .ca domains can often be confusing. Here’s a quick, “how to” guide. Registering a .com, .org, .net or many other top level domains is quite straitforward: you sign up with a registrar, pay them around $9 to $20 depending on their services and the domain, and you are set. But with Canadian .ca domain […]

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WOLF Kids: Live with CB&F

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Charles Buchwald & Friends is proud to announce our latest web site development effort. The WOLF Kids school, here on Salt Spring Island, has recently debuted a site that is both a information portal for their program, and a communication tool for the participants in the group. The WOLF Kids program is a very exciting […]

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Deep Ecology Workshop

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Charles Buchwald & Friends staff will be attending a new workshop on Salt Spring Island this weekend. Here are the details: The Work That Reconnects: Discovering Our Ecological Self Sunday, July 19th “our pain is a measure of our love for our world” The Work that Reconnects helps us to connect with our deepest emotions […]

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Better Manuals

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A few simple points like these can make the difference between instructions or a manual that will help and support your user versus one that will frustrate and discourage. Often these materials are your users first contact with your support system. Leave them with a positive feeling about how you take their enthusiasm for your product or service seriously and with care, and the effort will be well repaid.

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